In need of opinions:

So, guys, since always I’ve had a bit of a posture problem, and it got worst the last 3 years (since I’m in college) because I don’t exercise and I spend to much time sitting in front of the computer, or reading. 

I’ve tried some things like sleeping on my back, not wearing heels as much, and trying to walk with a good posture (not having any success in this last one, though).

I know dancing is really good for your posture and I never had any lessons, but I always wanted to have ballet, and now there is a good school with initiation for adults near where I’ll be living (30 minutes walk), and I was thinking I should sign up, but I’m not sure if it would really help or if it would be money put to good use.

Do you think swimming can also help?

Please, tell me all you know, and basically: should I, or should I not?